Product Development

Will you be marketing a new product? Or changing an existing product?

Before you do, the product information file needs to be finailzed and the product needs to be notified in CPNP.

We are involved in a lot of well-known brands. We like to assist you as well!

For example with

• selection of raw materials and manufacturers
• commissioning of laboratory tests
• substantiation of claims
• development of label, hangtag and other product texts

Laboratory tests

We collaborate with a laboratory to have challenge tests, shelf life studies, efficacy studies, etc. carried out.

Product Claims

What to write on the label, the information leaflet, the hangtag and in other product texts? De product claims need to be substantiated properly in the product information file.

The legislation (e.g. 655/2013) for claims and claims support is becoming stricter. What is allowed and what is not?

Borderline products

A borderline product is a product that can be classified as a cosmetic, a biocide, a medicinal product or a medical device. The product claim defines whether the product is regulated by the cosmetic regulation or not. A creative way of phrasing the claim and the substantiation are important.

You can count on our years of experience. Mail us when you have a question on this.