Import, Distribution and Responsible Person

Are you bringing a product from outside the EU onto the European market for the first time? Then the product is seldom ready for sale. It is always necessary to check the formulation, adjust the label if necessary, prepare the product information file and make the notification in CPNP.

If you place a cosmetic product on the market in the EU, a Responsible Person (RP) (the Responsible Person) must be appointed for this purpose in the EU. This legal entity ensures that the obligations laid down in the Cosmetics Regulation (CPR 1223/2009) are met.

Are you a distributor, but not the RP? Make sure that the RP has its product files, labelling and notification in order. You, as a distributor, must be registered in CPNP.

Do you need an RP that ensures that your products enter the European market correctly? As a manufacturer or importer, you can designate a legal entity established in the EU as an RP by written authorization. We can be your RP and provide you with this service.

Do you have any questions about how the legislation applies to your product? We will be happy to advise you. Call or email us to discuss your sales strategy in the EU.